Alternative Investment

Our Values


More than 20 years of experience in investment management and a special historical focus on alternative investments.

With dedicated teams and partnering with the best experts in each investment line.

We co-invest with you

Our team invest directly in our vehicles, demonstrating our commitment and alignment of insterests with our investors.


Beka Alpha´s goal is to analyze themes of interest, search for suitable promoters and originators, and develop optimal vehicles for each investment.

Our Investment Vehicles

Beka & Bolschare Iberian Agribusiness Fund, FCR

Investment fund with high ESG standard, dedicated to manage and operate agricultural plantations focused on different types of fruits, throughout Spain and Portugal.
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Beka Alpha Alternative Income, FIL

A fund that invests in mortgage-backed bridge loans based on solid real estate assets with a very conservative loan-to-value to reduce principal risk.
More information*Exclusively for professional investors

Beka Alpha Search Funds, SCR

Alternative vehicle that invests in Search Funds whose objective is to search, acquire and manage SMEs with stable businesses, below the private equity target size.
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Gala Capital Iberian Fund, FCR

This Fund has a generalist approach, investing in growth in middle-market businesses in Spain and Portugal, headed by ambitious management teams with a long-term view.
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