On contracting and operating with investment funds

How can I become a client of Beka Asset Management SGIIC, S.A.?

To become a client of Beka Asset Management SGIIC, S.A. you must visit our website and click on the link Become a Client through which you will access the online registration process with two options:

  • Completely digital registration: Participants who are individuals, in contracts with a single holder, of legal age and resident in Spain, can register in a completely digital way. In addition, a computer with a web camera and your ID card is required to carry out the process. To do this you must follow the steps through which the website will guide you and once the process is completed you must sign the documents electronically using a key that will be sent by message to your mobile phone.
  • Physical signature of the documentation: It can be carried out for all types of participants. To do this, you must follow the steps on the website, and once the process is completed you will receive an email at the email address you provide with all the necessary documents that you must print, sign and deliver to the offices of Beka Asset Management SGIIC, S.A., either in person or by mail. In this case you can send us the documents in advance by email to fondos@bekafinance.com
  • In both cases, to complete the operation, you must order a transfer to the current account of the fund you wish to subscribe, attaching a receipt of the transfer to the documentation or sending it to us by email at fondos@bekafinance.com

If you have any questions during the registration process, you can contact us at 91 426 19 00.

Can I become a client by making a transfer from another management company?

Yes. To transfer funds from another management company to Beka Asset Management SGIIC, S.A. you must access the link Become a Client through which you will access the registration process and will be able to enter the transfer order where you will have to indicate the main data of the source fund.

If you have any questions during the process, you can contact us at 91 426 19 00.

How do I access my client area?

You will be able to access your Client Area (button: My Funds) using the user code, which will be your ID number, and the password that you established in the registration process.

If I am already a client, how can I trade with your funds?

If you are already a participant in one of our investment funds, you can enter any type of order (subscription, redemption and transfer) by accessing your Client Area (button: My Funds).

Is it possible to make periodic subscriptions?

Yes, you can order recurring subscriptions by accessing your Client Area (button: My Funds).

What is the minimum investment to subscribe the funds?

100 euros.

Can I open several accounts to invest in funds?

Yes, as long as these contracts do not have the same ownership structure, i.e. you can open an account for yourself and others in which you are involved together with other holders. You cannot have two accounts with the same ownership.

What day will my subscription take effect?

The day that the subscription in an investment fund takes value depends on the provisions of the prospectus of the fund. In our case, for the Beka Optima Global Fund your subscription will take value on the day that your money enters the fund's account, provided that the subscription order has been received duly completed and signed before 14h00. If it is received after 2:00 p.m. or not at all, the subscription will be valued on the day that we have the duly completed and signed documentation within the cut-off time. In the case of the Beka International Select Equities FI fund, the applicable net asset value is D+1, i.e. your subscription will be valued on the day following the receipt of the order by the manager, provided that the order is received on D before the cut-off time (2.00 p.m.) and that the money enters the fund's account on D+1. If the order is received after 2pm or not at all on that day, the subscription will be valued on the day after the order is received, before the cut-off time, provided that the money is in the fund account on that date. (Day D is understood to be the day on which the fund unit-holder gives the order.)

What is the net asset value of my refund?

As in the previous case, it depends on what is set out in the prospectus of each fund. In the case of Beka Optima Global, its reimbursement will be processed with the net asset value of the day on which the reimbursement order was received, duly completed and signed, provided that we receive it before 2pm. If it is received later than 14h00, the reimbursement order will take the net asset value of the following day. In the case of Beka International Select Equities your refund will be at the net asset value of the day after the signed and completed refund order is received, provided it is received by 2pm. If it is received later than 14h00, the refund order will take the net asset value of a later day (D+2).

How long does it take for an inter-fund transfer to take place?

Between 7 and 10 working days depending on the fund and the fund manager. The time may be extended if the fund manager rejects the application.

If there are several holders in a contract, can one of the holders operate or do all the holders have to authorize it?

The operation within the client area can be carried out by one of the holders, given that in the contract for access to the client area the holders expressly accept that the relations are always joint and several.

Is there a minimum period of stay in the funds?

There is no redemption fee on any of our funds, so you can withdraw your money whenever you want at no cost. However, due to their investment philosophy and policy, they are recommended products to be maintained over the long term, with a minimum recommended period of between 5 and 7 years.

Can I have a fund contracted through two marketers?

No, it is not possible to have the same fund contracted through different marketers.

Can a minor open an account?

It is possible to open an account held by a minor, but until the age of majority it will be necessary for the operation to be signed by a guardian or legal representative.

General questions on investment funds

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a collective investment institution whose assets are formed with the contribution of different savers, who are called participants, to invest them in financial instruments of all kinds depending on the investment policy of the fund. The fund is managed by a management company, in this case Beka Asset Management SGIIC, S.A., and the custody of its investments is carried out by the Depositary, in this case Santander S.S - Caceis Bank Spain.

What fees and expenses does a mutual fund have?

The mutual fund charges its participants a management fee, a deposit fee and, in some cases, subscription and redemption fees. In addition, the fund has other types of expenses such as audit costs, fees, etc., which are not as important as the above. Apart from subscription and redemption fees, which are not charged for our funds, all other expenses are included in the calculation of the net asset value, so that the performance of our funds is the real performance of our investors.

What is the "net asset value" of a fund?

The assets of an investment fund are divided into units which are acquired by the unit-holders of the fund. The "net asset value" of the units is calculated by dividing the fund's assets by the number of units issued by the fund. The fund's assets are calculated by valuing all the assets in the fund's portfolio at market price and subtracting any expenses and fees generated. The "net asset value" of our funds is calculated on a daily basis and can be consulted on our website.