Beka Values

We are an institution whose sole purpose is to provide Integral Wealth Advisory Services in a confidential, discreet, independent manner and with no conflict of interest of any sort. An organization in which the bankers are shareholders of the firm.

We offer our services in a multi-custody and multi-jurisdiction environment, seeking to maximize returns for our clients. Our clients' assets are held in custody wherever they choose amongst more than ten leading banking institutions, and in different jurisdictions such as Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

We embrace a corporate culture that is deeply rooted in an ethically-driven way of doing business. In essence, Beka Values is an agile and flexible entity that is always at its client's disposal within the established regulatory limits.

We aim to work in a unique way for demanding clients that require professionals with strong values and new business practices. We do so, adhering to high ethical standards and professional commitment, while being completely transparent with our clients.

Clients who rely on us are managers, family-owned companies, foundations, mutual insurance companies, religious congregations, and other small institutions.