Structured Finance

Our Solutions

We offer a myriad of financing structure possibilities. Our goal is to meet our clients’ financing needs using all of the tools available in the market, including those not typically covered by traditional lending.

Our experience covers not only plain vanilla transactions but also many of the most complex, demanding and transformational deal structures. We are very active in private placements and syndicated transactions, providing our clients with the most innovative ideas and solutions to their corporate needs.
Corporate debt
Mezzanine debt
Leveraged finance
Real estate finance
Project Finance
Bridge Financing
Other off balance-sheet structures

Special situation financing

We also support and advise our clients in a wide range of restructuring and special-situation solutions, allowing them to continue with their activity in the midst of a complex juncture. We have extensive expertise managing unique debt restructuring operations, offering our clients a solution to all of their restructuring needs, providing them with flexible and customized engagement models.
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